What materials does the bag have?

- Jul 23, 2019-


The characteristics of the sheepskin are that the grain pores are oblate and slanted into the leather; the pores are clear and several are arranged in a group, much like scales or jagged. The pattern features such as "water ripple". The sheepskin is light, thin and soft. The garments are beautiful in appearance, soft and natural in gloss, light and soft, and flexible, but not as strong as cowhide and pigskin.


Anti-fur is the other side of the cowhide (hairy, not smooth). Suede shoes are comfortable to wear, their breathability is particularly good, and the appearance is elegant and generous. But its shortcomings are easy to dirty and difficult to maintain. Especially in the case of a bad environment, the suede shoes are easy to attract dust, and the water will cause the pile to fall, showing a bright shell.


PVC is an artificial plastic product used in the production of bags, which is what we often call PVC artificial leather. Its grade is generally not as good as PU and leather materials. It is easy to harden and crack. But the price is cheaper and the quality is very light.


ABS is a general-purpose thermoplastic engineering plastic developed in the 1940s. It not only has good rigidity, hardness and processing fluidity, but also has high toughness characteristics. ABS/PC combines the excellent properties of two materials, the formability of ABS materials and the mechanical properties of PC, impact strength and temperature and UV resistance.


Straw, a handicraft widely popular among the people. It is the use of grass produced in various places, and it is made from local materials and made into various daily necessities. The straw package is deeply loved by consumers with its green environment. The straw bag looks simple and natural, pretty and colorful, and is suitable as an ornament for ladies when they go out.


The characteristics of the cowhide are that the leather surface is small and round, the distribution is even and tight, the leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is full and delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the touch texture is firm and elastic. If you squeeze the leather surface hard, there are small folds.

Pig skin

Pork leather has good gas permeability and water vapor permeability. Pig leather has rough skin texture, and the pores on the surface are round and large. The strength is the largest and the appearance is not beautiful. It is easy to identify when it is inclined into the leather. Pig skin pores are arranged in three groups, and the leather surface presents many small triangular patterns.

Crocodile skin

The crocodile skin is called platinum in leather and is known for its luxury. This is not only because of the scarcity of crocodiles, but also because of the slow growth of crocodiles and the high cost of farming, and the crocodile skin that can be used is limited to the narrow part of the crocodile's abdomen.

Patent leather

In fact, patent leather is a processing technology, which refers to the paint on leather or PU leather. It is characterized by bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, easy to clean and care. This technique was very popular at the time. In the late 1990s, even sports shoes and casual shoes were made of patent leather.


PU leather is the skin of polyurethane. Its wide application range, large quantity and variety can not be satisfied by traditional natural leather. The quality of PU leather is also good or bad. Good PU leather is even more expensive than leather. The setting effect is good and the surface is bright!


The canvas bag is a bag made of burlap, and the biggest feature is the durability. Its versatility is also favored by many people. It can be paired with any costume, or it can be DIY, variety and fashion.