What kinds of travel bags are there?

- Oct 08, 2019-

1,travel bag

The travel bag is a bag that is carried on the back during outdoor activities or marching. It is made of many materials, including leather, plastic, polyester, canvas, nylon, cotton and so on. Since the travel bag is used in a special environment, the position of all the travel bags is stitched three times with the stitch back stitch, so that the force position is strong and durable, so that the materials in the travel bag will not be guaranteed when participating in outdoor activities. Drop damage.


The bag is a bag with a lifting beam, which is generally made of materials such as leather, cloth, and plastic. As an outdoor travel bag, the bag can only be used to carry a small amount of items, suitable for activities such as picnics and walking.

3,Trolley bag

The tow bag is a towable trolley bag that is very similar to a suitcase and can only be used to carry a small amount of outdoor items.