What is the Oxford bag?

- Sep 05, 2019-

Oxford cloth is a waterproof fabric that is specially used to make all kinds of bags. Therefore, if the bag that you want to make is waterproof, it is generally made of oxford fabric. Oxford bags are widely used in shopping bags, advertising bags, gift bags and other fields, product packaging

The Oxford bag material is divided into polyester and nylon. There are many kinds of fabric thickness, such as 190T, 210D, 420Dd, 300D, 840D, etc. PVC bottom polyester bag has waterproof function, tough and durable, beautiful appearance, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, steamed bread, long service life, polyester The bag is suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, product packaging for each gift.

Polyester bag use

According to the product use, it can be divided into:

1.Shopping bags: Shopping-type polyester bags are used for shopping in supermarkets, and for the packaging of tobacco and alcohol products.

2.advertising bags: advertising polyester bags is an advertising form used by enterprises for publicity, the theme of the company to be promoted printed on the polyester bag has become a live advertising around, the effect is obvious, advertising polyester bags It is a good helper to enhance the visibility of the company and shape the good image of the company;

3.gift bag: gift-type polyester bag, you can improve the value of the product and can directly promote the product. It is a way for enterprises to promote and promote; a gift polyester bag carries the image of the company's image, which is more attractive to the audience;

4.packaging bags: packaging polyester bags are mostly used for clothing, shoes, electronic products and other suitable product packaging;

5.Exhibition bag: The exhibition-type polyester bag is a must-have product for various exhibitors. In addition to the potential customers who can help the exhibitors, the polyester bags can be used as an advertising campaign.