What is the difference between leather and PU

- Dec 13, 2019-

1. The leather surface is bright and smooth. The appearance is flat and soft, and the texture is plump and delicate. The texture is firm and elastic with the touch of a hand. Smooth leather has good tensile strength, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance and good breathability.

2. Synthetic leather (PVC and artificial leather (PU consists of woven fabric base or non-woven fabric base. The appearance can be similar to leather, coated with polyurethane and treated with special foam. They are made of breathable, abrasion-resistant, Cold resistance is not as good as dermis.

Compared with PU leather, leather has the advantages of more abrasion resistance, greater tensile strength, softer leather and better breathability;

Compared with real leather, PU leather has the advantages of lighter weight, water resistance, less expansion or deformation after water absorption, environmental protection, lighter odor, easy care, cheap price, and more patterns can be pressed on the surface.

From a chemical point of view, PVC and PU are one of polyvinyl chloride plastics, but the manufacturing processes of these two products are different. Performance comparison: PU leather has better physical properties than PVC leather, and is resistant to twists and softness. Good, high tensile strength and air permeability, but such performance of PVC is not good; the pattern of PVC leather is hot-pressed by a pattern roller made of steel; the pattern of PU leather is first pasted with a pattern paper Press on the surface of semi-finished leather, wait for cooling down, then separate the paper leather and do surface treatment; the price of PU leather is more than double that of PVC leather; the feel of PU is softer; the feel of PVC is harder; after Fire roasting, the taste of PU is much lighter than the taste of PVC. I know these, but as for the price of making the ball, I am not very clear. In addition, even if it is the same leather material, but after different workmanship, the price remains There are differences.