What is the difference between 5 ounces, 6 ounces, 10 ounces, 12 ounces of canvas material?

- Sep 10, 2020-

The difference in weight illustrates the difference in canvas material. The 5-ounce material is very thin, but it is also the most popular choice for cheap bags, such as those used for grocery shopping to prevent plastic bags from being wasted. The 6-ounce material is indistinguishable from the 5-ounce material, so it is usually best to choose between the two and choose the cheaper 5-ounce material.

The 10 oz canvas material is reserved for high-quality handbags that are durable and can be used for several years. Over time, this material looks better because it can be washed and worn well. This 12-ounce canvas material is very heavy and can be used to make bags with a more refined appearance, which transcends practicality and simplicity and invades the fashion world.