What is the Camera bag?

- May 29, 2019-

The material of the photography package. First of all, the first thing we pay attention to is the material of the outer package of the camera bag. In general, the most important function of the exterior material of the camera bag is waterproof, wear-resistant and fireproof. This kind of material can be roughly divided into two categories, one is nylon or rayon, which is characterized by waterproof, wear-resistant and not easy to pierce; the second is canvas, the advantage of canvas is very close, comfortable, easy to wash, look outside It is more generous, but it is not waterproof. When adding some waterproof protective material to the surface of the canvas, or adding a waterproof layer between the two canvases, this has the function of waterproofing. Both materials have their own advantages, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences and practical uses.

As for the materials used inside the camera bag, the early camera bags used cardboard as a compartment. The bad thing is that it absorbs water when it is wet, so that there is moisture inside the camera bag, and the durability of such materials is not very strong. The camera bag uses a thicker sponge board as a compartment. At the bottom of the camera bag, a relatively thick sponge plate is generally used, on the one hand, to support the gravity of the entire camera bag, and also to effectively reduce the vibration.

The overall design of the camera bag. The design of the camera bag includes many aspects, including: the size of each compartment, the design of the grid and the adjustability, etc. If it is pocket-shaped, also pay attention to the size of the pocket, take the camera, etc. Whether the item is convenient and safe, etc. When purchasing, the characteristics of these designs are suitable for you to experience it on site. In addition, the waterproof enclosure at the camera seal, the anti-theft lock on the zipper, the anti-slip design on the strap, etc., the user should look carefully when purchasing.

The size of the camera bag. This specification of the camera bag is usually expressed in terms of its three-dimensional size. It is usually stated on the product leaflet or in the manual. From the approximate volume specifications, camera bags can be divided into pocket bags, small bags, medium bags and large bags according to their size. In addition, the camera bag can also be divided into: shoulder bag, backpack and waist bag. Usually the waist bag is relatively small, and the shoulder bag is generally large. When purchasing, everyone should use their existing equipment as a reference, and at the same time, make choices based on the relevant situation of their own travel. For example, the equipment I used when I purchased the camera bag for the first time was Canon EOS 5, Sigma 28-200mm zoom lens and Canon 50mm F1.8 lens, with a 420EX flash and a battery handle. According to my own equipment and the situation that I don't travel often, I bought a shoulder bag about one foot in length. Some small items such as batteries, film, and even small pieces of clothing can be packed in a camera bag and feel very good.