What is the briefcase bag?

- May 28, 2019-

A briefcase, also known as a briefcase, is a narrow box-shaped bag that is mainly used to store paper and other documents. Lawyers often use briefcases to store cases, merchants and other professionals, using it to store laptops and important documents.

The earliest briefcases originated in the 14th century, when people used briefcases to store money and valuables. At the time it was called "budget" and was a combination of the Latin words "bulga" and "bolg". Now, "budget" means "budget" in business.

Briefcases are usually divided into several large boxes, specializing in paper, calculators, cards, ballpoint pens, documents, official documents and so on. The briefcase is solid and sturdy, mainly leather, and also sewed with embossed leather. There are many styles such as square, rectangular, flat, oblate and big brother. The color is mainly yellow sauce, and the carrying methods include scorpion, back and scorpion.