What is better to carry for a travel bag?

- Oct 15, 2019-

1, essential items

 ID card, passport (going abroad), map, cash, bank card, mobile phone, charger, medicine, underwear, socks, multi-function travel knife, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towel, paper, pen, cup, food, Rain gear, etc. Such materials are essential, and if necessary, you can carry global positioning GPS, signal guns and other outdoor help items.

 2, alternative items

Cosmetics, storage bags, books, stoves, cookware, tents, flashlights, hotel or car rental information, sleeping bags, blankets, razors, deodorants, cards, jewelry, etc. can be selected according to their actual needs.

 3, not suitable for carrying items

 Large-capacity liquids, fuels, and large-capacity cosmetics are not allowed to be used on planes and customs. Jewelry, glass, and other items are relatively fragile and easily damaged during outdoor activities.