What is a tote bag made of ?

- Nov 19, 2019-

Tote bags are usually made of cotton or linen, although marijuana has historically been a popular material. Although the term actually refers to the weave style of the fabric, not the material of the fabric, many people regard the canvas itself as a material. For example, a tighter weave is called a duck canvas. When it comes to actual fabric materials, cotton is extracted from cotton factories. Another popular material is flax, which comes from flax plants. Cannabis is less common and it comes from cannabis plants.

Canvas fabrics have historically been used for sails, tents and paintings. The fabric is impermeable to rain or sunlight by a simple waterproof coating treatment. Canvas materials are also ideal for custom tote bags due to their flexibility. This material is lightweight and retains the ink on the prints without oozing out of the design or peeling off the appearance.

Canvas materials are naturally taken from the environment, so these materials are perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. The reusable nature of canvas tote further supports the ecosystem by reducing waste generation.