What is a rucksack?

- Jun 05, 2020-

The backpack is actually a sturdy large backpack. First check the source of these words. After doing so, I discovered that the rucksack originated in Germany. "Rucken" means "Back" in German, and "Sack" (meaning "bag") is obviously a sack. Therefore, it is actually a rucksack. Rucksacks are usually used for camping or hiking. Compared to backpacks, rucksacks have many pockets and belts to hold more equipment. Backpacks will also have hip straps and regular chest straps. The large rucksack is perfect for anything from extended hiking and camping adventures to traveling around the world.

Although the conditions are compatible, we found that there is an obvious difference that "backpack" seems to be a more commonly used term in military applications. Moreover, "backpacks" also tend to have the main entrance at the very top, usually tied or fastened.

Compared with handbags or backpacks, backpacks and rucksacks give you the opportunity to easily carry heavy objects. In fact, it depends on how many items you need to carry and how long you need to carry.