What Features of Mummy Bags to Consider

- Jan 10, 2020-

Are you a fashionista? Then, you might need a designer bag that looks more like a wallet than a traditional mummy bag. If you are a minimalist, then a streamlined backpack or diaper clutch is ideal for you. There are many styles to choose from, but you need to pay attention to the following features:

enough space. See above for information on babies who need a lot of stuff!

Easy to clean. Dirty diapers or clothes. Leaking bottle. It is best to wipe the surface clean and even machine wash.

Shareability. The choice that works best for you may not work for your partner or caregiver, so keep in mind who else will use the diaper bag when you make your choice.

Ergonomics. You need to bring comfortable things, especially when full!

Glad to have other features:

Internal pockets: These keep bottles, water or snacks cool.

Diaper changing pads: Some bags have a foldable pad that can be used to change a baby.

Stroller clip: This convenient feature allows you to pack a diaper bag into a stroller, so you don't have to carry it or take up valuable space in the stroller basket.

Lots of pockets: Putting things in designated places can help you find what you want more easily.