What every girl can have in her backpack?

- Jun 24, 2020-

1. Nail file

Nail files are definitely items that every woman should put in her bag. There is no need to move around, do not move with broken or broken nails, just put the nail file in your hand to solve these unfortunate things.

2. Wallet

Without a wallet, the list of necessities that every woman should have is not complete. The size of the wallet actually depends on you, it should be able to carry your card and some cash.

3. Mints

After a meal, the bad breath is actually closed. The lady should always put some mints or chewing gum in the bag to smell the freshness of the mint.

4. Perfume

This is another very important product that every woman should put in her bag. Women should always have a lingering smell.

5. Disinfectant

Add disinfectant to the list of essentials that every woman should have in the bag. Not only do they look cute and emit an awesome smell, but they also protect your hands from bacteria. It's ok.

6. Hairpins and hair bands

Humidity and heat often damage our hair from time to time. Women should always put hair accessories in their bags to avoid a bad day.

7. Candy or chocolate For the dizzying moments when we least want them, please put some candy or chocolate in your wallet to increase energy.

8, tissue

If one thing should always be found in a woman’s bag, it must be a tissue. It is very unattractive to maintain vigorous breathing, because you can blow your nose without a tissue on hand.

9. Pad

Even if you know that your children will not show up for a few weeks, there is always a distressed lady who needs a cushion.

10. Portable chargers let us face reality, we use more mobile phones than we talk about today. When you really need it, the possibility of it closing is very high. Always keep the portable charger in the bag to charge the battery.

11. Aspirin

Why does every woman need this in her bag? At the moment of a migraine or cramp, she can take care of herself like a professional.

12. Emulsion

Sometimes your hand needs a little attention. After all, every woman's bag should have hand sanitizer. The first beauty criterion is: moisturizing.

13, sunglasses and cas

After the sun sets, it is time to put the glasses back in the case and put them in the wallet. Don't put them on your head.

14.Pen I don't know how or why, but for some reason, the pen is an accessory that should always be put in the bag. When you least expect it, you will need it.

15. Business card This is a social network for ladies of this era. Always keep a bunch of business cards in your bag.

16. USB flash drive

Whether you want to shoot the latest movie downloaded by a friend, or to easily transfer documents at work, you must be equipped with a USB flash drive.