What equipment do you need for skiing trip except the ski bag(part1)?

- May 14, 2019-

1. Ski suit or jacket

When skiing, we often fall on the snow. The snow sticking to the clothes will turn into water with the heat radiated from the clothes. If it is not waterproof, the water will slowly infiltrate the clothes. Even the layers of clothes will be drilled and sneaked into the skin. In such a cold winter, when you stop and do not exercise, these wet clothes are very difficult to warm, it will become a cool devil, bring us unlimited pain, take us away Excess heat.So we need functional professional clothing such as ski wear and jackets.

2. Hat, gloves, scarf, face guard

According to statistics, 90% of the heat in the winter is emitted through the exposed parts of the head and hands, and we often inevitably touch the snow when we fall, then we know that one more hat How warm and necessary it is with a pair of waterproof gloves or non-stained snow gloves.So we need a warm hat, a pair of professional ski gloves, or a pair of thick windproof fleece-catching gloves, and a scarf and face protector (face protector is a great way to keep the cold wind from sweeping your face, and a seamless scarf is a great way to keep your face and face safe).

3.sun cream

It is also important to use sunscreen on exposed skin as the high intensity of uv rays reflected from snow is very strong

4.Knee, elbow, ankle and wrist protectors

Because we often fall down when skiing, we can consider wearing knee, elbow, ankle and wrist protector as far as possible, in order to effectively prevent the contusion and sprain of knee, elbow, ankle, wrist and other joints.

5.High-calorie candy

Such as chocolate, put a few pieces of chocolate in the pocket, when tired can supplement physical strength and calories, very practical.

6.Small capacity backpack

Since you try to avoid wearing hard objects when skiing, a backpack with a belt can be handy for carrying a lot of small things, including valuables, belongings, key bags, water bottles, snacks, etc.

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