What does the rider need?

- Aug 02, 2019-

1.Cycling helmet: It is a lightweight helmet that is pressed with high-strength foam for head protection;

2.riding a headscarf also known as magic headscarf: a variety of uses, mainly used for wicking sunshade to block dust; girls can also be used to tie hair.

3.riding glasses: According to the wearing period, the lens can be divided into a variety of colors, generally dark gray, yellow, white. Yellow - suitable for wearing in the morning and dusk when the sun is relatively dark; dark gray - suitable for wearing at noon sunshine for a good time to block the glare; white, suitable for dark weather or night wear. Its main function is to block sunlight and block wind dust; it can improve the safety factor of outdoor riders.

4.cycling sports masks: especially in the foggy days of Beijing, the safety weapon for outdoor riding. The fog doesn't have it, do you dare to ride outdoors?

5.cycling clothing: special clothing for the rider, made of a variety of fabrics, can be selected as needed. In the spring, you can replace it with a jacket or a fleece. Its main function is to keep warm, quick-drying and breathable; to improve the riding comfort.

6.riding sleeves: also known as arm sleeves, mainly worn with short-sleeved jerseys, easy to disassemble, its main function is to keep warm, sunscreen;

7.Cycling gloves: special gloves for the rider. There are half finger and full finger points. The palm part is thickened. The high-grade riding gloves are padded with silicone layer. It is mainly used to reduce the damage and prevent the car from falling. Wipe your hands; you can also protect your hands while riding to reduce friction.

8.Cycling backpack or purse: There is no special regulation for riding backpacks. It is mainly used to hold the things needed for the riding process. It can meet the needs and does not require special requirements. The riding pockets can be used to place some small outdoor equipment. : For example, survival whistle, lighter, etc.

9.riding pants: for the rider-specific pants, there are long and short points and cushions on the hips, its function is mainly high-elastic to reduce the friction between the legs between the bicycle, while equipped with cushions to reduce long-term riding ass will a painful condition that improves the comfort of riding;

10.riding leg sets: such as straight, with the use of cycling shorts, easy to disassemble, the main function is to keep warm, sunscreen;

11.riding socks: for the rider's special socks, according to the COOLMAX content can be divided into a variety of, the rider can choose the suitable riding socks according to the length of the riding time and the strength of the riding activity;

12.leggings: also known as the band is mainly used to tie the leg angles, to prevent the legs from twisting into the chain to ensure the safety of riding;

13.Cycling shoes: For the special shoes for cyclists, they can also be divided into various types. There are mountain riding shoes and road riding shoes. You can choose according to the style of riding bicycles. For example, if the bicycle is equipped with special ankles, then riding Row shoes must use lock shoes;

14.riding shoe covers: riding shoe covers for riding lock shoes, with reduced wind resistance, anti-fouling and other purposes.