What are the popular elements of bags have?

- Jul 29, 2019-

Macaron / candy color

Macaron is a French dessert that has many colors and is generally sweet and fresh. Reminiscent of colorful candy.


The woven bag is woven into a colorful pattern and shape by using techniques such as weaving, shackle, and nail string. The material can be leather, canvas and so on.


The envelope was inspired by the envelope used to send the letter. Envelope bags are generally thin and look like envelopes. There are kinds of hand and bag, which are simple and versatile.


The chain bag is a handbag with a metal chain. Many young people have previously classified the chain bag into the category of “old-fashioned and expensive”, but when they saw the star street shooting, they suddenly found out that only the older generation of ladies could use this figure. The accessories can be combined with street fashion to create a sense of conflict.


Historically, leopard prints, as a fashion element, were pioneered by American fashion designer Norman Norell (1900-1972) in the early 1940s. Leopard elements have always been a popular symbol, sexy and stylish.


The lock is a buckle that is used to fasten two items. Many bags are applied to the metal lock, not only as a decoration, but also as the first line of defense against theft.


The rivet is a spiked object with a cap at one end: in riveting, the part that is riveted by its own deformation or interference fit. There are many types of rivets and they are informal.


The outer layer of the pleat pack is arched with a special process to make a fold. Good pleat packs are usually clear in texture, and the pleats are full, firm and elastic.


The tassels are somewhat like tassels and are very common decorative elements, often used on the skirts of stage costumes, on headwear and on bags.


Hollowing is an engraving technique. The outside looks like a complete pattern, but it is empty inside. Many bags use this technique to sculpt the outer skin of the bag.

Jelly package

Jelly bag, new material and new technology, like candy, tempting people, milk white, shellfish, sapphire blue are very popular colors; style can be back, or lively or gorgeous; this kind of handbag with sweet color, very Rich and feminine.


The embossed bag refers to the formation of a special pattern on the surface of the composite by the action of pressure. The embossed bag has a variety of patterns, various styles, and various features.


A type of shell bag lady bag, named for its shape resembling the shape of a shell. The shell has a warm curve and a shiny surface that appears to be fragile but can withstand the hardships and grow the gravel into pearls. The characteristics of the shells are just like women's design based on this design inspiration to blend modern and simple style, this handbag was born.


The bucket bag is a handbag that looks like a bucket. Since the first bucket bag Noe launched in 1932, this sleek and playful design has become a classic bag.


The rhombic bag has always been a big hot item. The outer layer of this bag is a rhombic pattern, and some are similar to the soft bag on the wall. However, with the diversification of the design, the group of the rhombic bag is not only limited to the collar shape, but also many other geometric patterns appear.

Contrast color

The so-called contrast color refers to the contrast color matching, including strong color matching or complementary color matching. Strong color matching refers to the matching of two distant colors, such as: yellow and purple, this color is more intense; complementary color refers to the matching of two opposite colors, such as: red and green.