What are the other “ThinkOutsideTheBottle”USES of the water bag?

- May 13, 2019-

The water bag is light and compact, making it an excellent solution for drinking water on the go. This is known to everyone on earth. As a generalist, the function of the water bag is not limited to this. New and discarded water bags can also be used as: shower: fill the water bag with warm water-adjust the water outlet, wet yourself with the water flowing out -tighten the nozzle-Play soap-rinse.

Chamber pot: When camping in winter, if you bring a 5 liter container to solve the problem of nighttime convenience, your companions will be grateful. But be careful to use a wide mouth.

Pillows: Fill with air or water, then wrap them in a shirt and make a comfortable pillow.

Hot water bottle: Inject hot water into the water bag, stuff it near your stomach, and sleep under the stars.

Air Conditioning: In the summer, the ice floes on the river (if not, replaced by cold river water) are placed in a water bag with a wide mouth or zip closure, and the water is placed on the back for cooling.Winter hiking can sometimes be sweating. It is also possible to put the snow into the water bag and back it on the back. On the one hand, it can sweat less, and the snow can be used as drinking water.

Container: is it still useful if the water bag is broken?Of course.Cut off two-thirds of the top and use the rest of the bottom for breakfast or dinner.

Waterproof bags: Put the map, telescope or small camera into the water bag,close the water bag  how good waterproof method!

Cold pack: putting ice, snow, or cold water in a water bag can speed recovery from a muscle strain, sprain, or bruise.

Make the tent more stable: fill the water bag with water, hold the water bag at one end of the rope, and tie it on the pole at the other end, then bury the water bag deep into the snow to fix the tent.