What are the basic outdoor equipment?

- Aug 05, 2019-

hiking shoes

The outdoor sports terrain is complex, requiring shoes to have adequate protection and support for the feet. Outdoor hiking shoes must choose a professional brand of products, although more expensive but performance is guaranteed.

outdoor bag

Outdoor travel requires more items and must be equipped with outdoor mountaineering bags. The outdoor bag should be ergonomic, comfortable and breathable depending on the type of exercise and the number of days of travel.

Trekking pole

Trekking poles are used for hiking, trekking and upstream. When choosing, the general aluminum alloy is more popular, the handle material is cork or foam, and it is easy to store and weigh.

Outdoor clothing

Charge and quick-drying pants, dressing follows the rules of perspiration underwear + catching fleece + outer layered pants. Outdoor clothing should be selected to be waterproof, breathable, colorful, and user-friendly.


It is necessary to camp in the wild. The seasons should be considered. The tents suitable for spring, summer and autumn should be selected for rainproof and windproof. The four seasons general or mountain tents should be windproof and warm.

sleeping bag

To consider comfort when purchasing, consider the material and shape of the insulation layer. It is best to consider the weather conditions in the camping area before making a choice.

The moisture-proof pad isolates the surface moisture, the air cushion is more comfortable and smaller, but the weight is larger. The foam pad is slightly less comfortable and larger, but the weight is light and the price is very low.

Walkie-talkie organizer

Essential items are usually available in the electronic communication equipment market. The state stipulates that the power of civilian wireless communication tools shall not exceed 3kw, and a small power model shall be selected.

Cookware, water and tableware

Stoves are an important tool for providing outdoor heat, which is often indispensable in camping activities and may even be a life-saving factor under certain extreme conditions. The tableware does not need to pay attention to it, and it is mainly small and light. The water appliance is also convenient and practical.

lighting device

There are no lights in the field, so outdoor lighting is a necessity. Usually a good headlight meets the requirements of most situations. The choice of headlights is based on reliable lighting performance.