Way 2:How to Wear a Laptop Bag?

- Jul 01, 2020-

Carrying a laptop bag on shoulders

The best type of laptop bag that can be placed on your shoulders is a laptop backpack, because it is best suited to distribute weight evenly to your body.

Essentially, the laptop backpack has two adjustable straps. You need to adjust the two straps so that the top of the laptop is at the same position as the bottom of the neck.

Adjust the belt so that the laptop bag is as close to your body as possible, but not too tight to maintain posture and balance during exercise.

Remember, do not pull the back of the laptop bag too low, because its weight will pull on your shoulders.

If the laptop backpack is positioned too low, the weight of the backpack will cause the head to pose forward.

This can cause neck and shoulder pain and make it difficult for muscles to support the body.

It will also cause a lot of problems to your lower back, because leaning forward will change the body posture to compensate for the weight of the backpack.

in conclusion

For me, the best way to use a laptop bag properly is to put the laptop bag on your shoulders.

Therefore, laptop backpacks are always healthier than any laptop bag that requires a shoulder.

Try to limit the weight of the bag to 15% of your overall weight.

Always place the laptop in the laptop compartment, because the compartment is closer to your back, which can reduce weight and help prevent back pain.

So, which method of carrying a laptop bag is effective for you?