Waist bag or Belt Bag? Which Is It?

- Dec 10, 2020-

The waist bag is close...you guessed it... the waist bag. It hangs down from the hips, hangs below the waist, and is located behind or around. The waist bag may be the same, sitting on your butt. But, you say, how is this different from calling it a waist bag? Well, the waist bag may be worn with a high waist or a low waist. Also known as waist bag. Even if you say Fanny, we say belts, fashion and fit are different. Check your body type. If your body is larger at the bottom, you may not want to stick a bag on it to highlight it (or you can). Those who complain about the well-known "saddle bag" will think twice before adding another one. However, using a belt bag to highlight the small waist is a small way. On the other hand (or waist), a thick mid-waist style may not increase the effect of waist bulge. After all, no one wants to add a muffin to the top of the muffin. For that body, the waist bag may look much better. It sounds more refined in a way, referring to a bag that moves around the waist, not a bag that surrounds the hips. Belts are a common accessory, whether it's decoration, waist circumference or trouser holder. We know the belt. However, the hips are related to other things, such as sitting and squatting (there are more things we won't mention). It may be just rap, but perception is very important.