USB Backpack is a dozen or more tens of dollars more than the average backpack.

- Feb 11, 2019-

We often hear some questions from USB Backpack customers. Why do backpacks with similar appearances cost a few dollars? Because the price of backpacks is relatively low, the average USB Backpack is about two or three yuan, so the difference is a dozen or so. Ten dollars is a big price difference. Here, we mainly say that two things are clear to everyone, and it is also a common problem.

USB Backpack is a dozen or more tens of dollars more than the average backpack. It is a big difference. The first is the material of USB Backpack itself. The surface looks like the same material. The actual price can also vary by a few dollars because USB Backpack The fabric is made up of two kinds of materials: cloth surface and base material. The surface looks like the same texture. It can be divided into nylon and polyester. This has the difference in price, and the surface is the same as the grain. The base is different. PU bottom, PVC bottom, foam bottom, etc., so even if the appearance of the same thing, the cost of USB Backpack is also a big gap, so the USB Backpack price certainly has a gap.

Then there is the USB Backpack's USB Backpack technology. In fact, the USB Backpack technology is similar. Just a cheap backpack is a different approach. We generally think that the normal USB Backpack or backpack is lining, but because of the backpack. The price is very low, so some manufacturers do not give the backpack a lining, or only a piece of lining. This method saves the material and saves the process of USB Backpack, so the price difference is also normal.