Umbrella - umbrella rod knowledge

- Jul 11, 2019-

1. There are mainly the following types of ribs: aluminum rods, wood rods, iron rods, glass fiber rods, acrylic rods. Rod in carbon fiber.

2. The outer diameter of the ribs in the ribs mainly includes: 6.0mm for ultra-fine rods, 8.0mm for ordinary rods, and 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm for thickening reinforcement.

a. The aluminum rod can only be anodized, can not be electroplated, because the anode treatment can add color, so the color can be adjusted at will, either red or blue, or other colors; if the quantity is large, Guests specify the color.

b. Because the wood is not wear-resistant, the iron tail, copper tail or black plastic tail will be added at the tail. The black plastic tail is usually called urea tail, which is more wear-resistant, but the urea tail is polished, so the main body It's hard to separate, it's easy to be mistaken for a black paint on the wooden surface. Most of the sticks in the wood are used to make high-end umbrellas.

c. Iron rods, aluminum rods are usually divided into two types, one is its own iron tip. Usually this is equipped with an umbrella, one is a tail-cut, and the tail is glued to the tail after the finished product. Ordinary straight umbrellas have more iron bars. The appearance can be treated with zinc, electricity and nickel. Aluminum rods are made more on high-end umbrellas.

d. There are three kinds of snakeskin patterns in the glass fiber, such as snake skin pattern, bright black, fog black, etc. The wall of the glass fiber is thick and thin. The tail will be added with an acrylic plastic tail. After installing the rubber umbrella tail in the mantissa. Iron umbrella caps, etc. Most of the glass fiber rods are used on golf umbrellas.

Acrylic rods are commonly used to make LED poles. The carbon fiber rod is made on the high-end umbrella, which is characterized by ultra-light umbrella and high quality.

e. The middle stick has an automatic middle stick, the hand opens the middle stick, the middle open stick has upper and lower bows. If it is safe, the upper and lower bows must be in a straight line. If it is a general nest, then the upper one The lower nest must be 90 degrees, that is, when the lower bow is facing the operator, the upper bow is 90 degrees on the right side; the automatic open middle rod has only the lower bow, but no upper bow.

3. The thickness of the middle rod is: 28T, 30T, 35T, 40T, 45T, 50T, 60T, 70T, 80T, and T represents the number and thickness of the material.

The higher the T number, the stronger the cost, and the higher the cost, the more it is used on high-end umbrellas.

4.Iron rod, aluminum rod, acrylic transparent rod, wood rod, these four are used on straight umbrellas, short umbrellas mainly use iron, aluminum, two kinds of medium rod materials.