Umbrella head and tail material knowledge

- Jul 24, 2019-

First, the material:

Wood, plastic, bamboo whip, aluminum

1. The wood of the umbrella head usually has several kinds of wood, plywood, acacia and maple.

Except for the wood, the rest are solid wood, the wood quality of Acacia is the worst in wood; the wood is slightly better, this material is the most used; the maple material is the best among the three solid wood materials, the price is about the wood Two or three times stronger. If the material of the wooden umbrella head is not dry, the finished product is easy to crack when dried, and the wooden handle can be made into a curved handle or a straight handle. Plywood is usually used to press into a curved handle. It is difficult for laymen to distinguish between solid wood or plywood. Short umbrellas and long umbrellas have handles made of wood.

2. There are many kinds of plastics. PP and ABS materials are commonly used, EVA foaming materials, PP materials can not be electroplated; ABS materials can be electroplated, both vacuum plating and water plating; ABS materials are relatively brittle. The impact is more crisp, and the sound of the PP material is relatively dull. The low-end umbrella uses more PP material, and the high-grade umbrella mostly uses ABS material. Both PP material and ABS material can be sprayed on the outside. It can be sprayed into silver, black and other colors specified by customers. Nowadays, the popular EVA foam plastic material can be used as a curved handle or can be made with aluminum. High-grade straight handle.

3. The bamboo whip umbrella head is usually made of bamboo rods, which are of higher grade and more expensive. It can be made into a curved shape or a straight shank. The rattan umbrella head is made of rattan.

4. The aluminum umbrella head is lighter. His surface treatment methods are more common: one is anodizing on the surface; the aluminum straight head, the aluminum curved handle, and now more It is combined with EVA foam compound to make various handles, aluminum + EVA handle.

5.Acrylic handle, high-grade umbrella often uses acrylic transparent handle, transparent acrylic is made into curved handle, straight handle, folding umbrella is also often useful. Spray a variety of colors on some parts of the transparent handle, beautiful and grade.

Most of the material of the umbrella tail is made of wood, plastic, iron umbrella, iron umbrella cap, zinc alloy and so on.