Types of outdoor sports backpacks

- Aug 27, 2019-

1, mountaineering bag

Two types: one is a large backpack with a volume between 50 and 80 liters; the other is a small backpack with a volume between 20 and 35 liters, also known as the "Assault Pack." The big mountaineering bag is mainly used for transporting mountaineering materials during mountaineering. The small mountaineering bag is generally used for high altitude climbing or assault peak. The special backpack for mountaineering is specially designed to cope with the extreme environment. The bag is slim and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, so that the bag fits close to the back of the person to relieve the pressure on the shoulders. These bags are water-repellent and will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are widely used in other adventure sports (such as drifting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long-distance travel.

2, travel bag

The big travel bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the shape of the bag is different. The front of the bag can be opened by the zipper, which is very convenient for picking and dropping. Unlike the mountaineering bag, the bag is usually placed in the bag from the top cover of the bag top. There are a wide variety of small travel bags, so be sure to choose comfortable, not just pay attention to the appearance.

3, bicycle special package

Divided into two types of bag and backpack. The bag can be carried on the back or on the front or rear shelf of the bicycle. The backpack type is mainly used for bicycle travel that requires high speed riding. The bicycle bag has reflective strips that reflect light to ensure safety during night riding.

4, back frame package

This type of bag consists of a package body and an external aluminum frame. It is used to carry large items that are not easy to be loaded into a backpack, such as a camera box or a gas tank. In addition, many backpacks often indicate which movements are appropriate on the signage.

1. Fabric. The fabric of the bag must be strong, wear-resistant and have certain waterproof properties. The fabric of the bag is usually woven from high-strength nylon. Generally, XXX D (Denier) is used as the strength standard. The larger the value, the better. DuPont's Cordura fabrics are very famous, but they are generally only used in high-end bags. It is impossible to use such good fabrics for packages of two or three hundred yuan! Even if the sales person promises you to be firm and don't believe it! Because he is lying. The fabric of the general low-cost bag 420D has been relatively strong and can be used for most hiking needs. Most of the brand-name bags use more than 500D fabrics and even better DuPont fabrics, which can be used in more harsh environments. . Cheap bags usually don't have a description of the fabric's performance. It requires your experience and knowledge. If you don't have the full grasp, be careful. PU coating can make your bag better waterproof and see if the surface inside the bag is even. However, in order to meet the needs of the mountaineering bag, there are many seams without a rain cover, which can be very troublesome when it rains heavily.

2. The quality of the fasteners. The most vulnerable part of the bag may be it. It is easier to judge the quality of the fastener. The first thing is to observe the fastener work. If the fastener is very rough, the edge of the fastener is also uneven, and the feel is very high. Ok, then don't look at this bag again, it must be "junk"! The work of the fasteners can best reflect the overall quality of the bag. Secondly, if the fastener works well, in order to better test its performance, the "foot" of the buckle can be bent, and the fastener with high quality can be bent more without breaking. Some bosses will take the initiative to help you bend it 90 degrees to prove its quality is reliable. Be careful with unidentified fasteners without any markings.

3. route. Your bag can't be made of a whole piece of fabric. There must be a place where the nylon thread is stitched. These work are done by the machine. The line of the well-crafted bag should be neat, dense and even. There should be double stitching in the place where the force is applied to ensure it is strong. This link of the car line can show the attitude of the manufacturer who produced the bag and the performance of the machine. You are still giving up the work of the line, the twists and turns of the car line! A sturdy fabric without a qualified stitch will give you a fatal blow at a critical juncture!

4. Carrying the system. Just relying on the performance and workmanship of the system can determine whether the bag is worth buying. It can be seen that the piggyback system is crucial to the entire package. The piggyback system is the skeleton of the bag. The piggyback system seen on the market is from the simplest TT type consisting of two flat aluminums to the more complicated "BIGPACK" "TCS carrying system" and the X-type carrying. The purpose of the piggyback system is to distribute the weight reasonably and transfer most of the weight to the lower body of the human body. In order to do this, the system must have a certain structure and strength, except for the titanium alloy used in the top bag, almost all of which are aluminum alloy materials. The low-cost bags are made of the TT-type carrying system made of flat aluminum made of the cheapest aluminum alloy.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when choosing a carrying system: first, the fit between the system and your back. The ideal carrying system should be the S-shape (side) that fits the human body curve. When you carry the bag, the bag should be completely attached to your back so that the weight can be distributed reasonably. Secondly, the skeleton formed by the carrying system (including the shoulder strap and the waist belt) should have a certain strength, which is usually not possible in the bags of two or three hundred yuan. The softer skeleton will deform when you carry a heavier item. At this time, the system cannot distribute the weight reasonably, and the pressure on your shoulder will increase. Perhaps this is what many friends have described, the cheap mountaineering bag is small and can be carried, and the big bag is very uncomfortable. Once again, the place where the carrying system (skeleton) and the bag are joined is where the most concentrated force must be strengthened very effectively. The weight of the whole bag is transmitted to the skeleton through the joint of the bag and the skeleton, and then the skeleton will The weight is distributed to all parts of our body. Some cheap bags are unfortunate because they do not strengthen the joints and carry the flat aluminum in the system and even smash the bag when carrying heavy things. This situation is unfortunate in the travel. Pack the bag and put it on the back and observe the part of the force. Whether the part of the force can transmit the force reasonably, whether the car line is strong enough, if you feel very mysterious, don't think about it, give it up. Pay particular attention to the strength of the carrying system (skeleton) and the firmness of the joint in low-cost bags. Usually the most significant difference between branded and low-priced bags is in these two aspects. These two aspects directly determine whether your bag can accompany you through thousands of miles, so you must carefully select.

5. Overall design. The shape design of the package is different depending on the purpose of use. For example, mountaineering bags and hiking bags are designed to be balanced, plug-in, and convenient. These should be chosen according to their own needs and the actual environment. For example, whether the number of plug-ins can meet your needs, whether the color of the bag meets your requirements, whether the overall shape of the bag is suitable for the place you want to go, and so on. In fact, if the first four items can pass, this item is not very important, because we are not professional travellers.

6. About military backpacks. Military backpacks are cheap, strong and durable, and can meet some of the requirements of outdoor sports, but there is a difference between outdoor sports and military use. In terms of function, comfort and convenience, military backpacks obviously do not meet the requirements, if they are used as ones for outdoor sports. Experience and try, military backpack is also a choice, the principle of choosing military backpack can refer to the previous five aspects.