[Travel Bag Knowledge Encyclopedia] The material, type and size of the travel bag

- May 17, 2019-

How to choose a travel bag

1. When purchasing travel bags, you should purchase products of appropriate specifications and fabrics according to individual needs.

2. The trolleys, the walking wheels and the handles are easily damaged when the luggage is used. The parts should be inspected when purchasing.

3, when buying a travel soft box, first of all, pay attention to whether the zipper is smooth, whether there is missing teeth, misplaced, stitched stitches are straight, the upper and lower lines should be consistent, no empty needles, jump needles.

4. Choose well-known businesses and brands. Generally good quality travel bags pay more attention to detail, suitable color matching, neat stitching, uniform stitch length, no wire exposed, smooth and flawless fabric, no bubbling, no exposed edges, and bright metal accessories. Choose well-known merchants and brands with better after-sales protection.

5. View the label identification. Products produced by regular manufacturers shall be marked with the product name, product standard number, specification model, material, production unit name and address, inspection mark, and telephone number.

How to pack a travel bag


Generally, the heavy items are placed on the top, so that the center of gravity of the backpack is higher, so that the waist can be straightened during the journey. The center of gravity of the backpack must be lowered to allow the body to bend between the trees or climb the bare rock. During the climbing (climbing), the back pack fills the center of gravity to the position of the pelvis, which is the center point of the body rotation. This prevents the weight of the backpack from moving to the shoulders. During the hiking process, the weight of the back pack can be higher to the back.


First, the clothes are tightly rolled into a cylindrical shape and piled up for use. Then put the heaviest items such as shoes and rolled trousers on the bottom of the box. After the stack is flattened, continue to place the lighter weighted clothing code on the second layer. The lightest clothes roll is placed on the third floor. Finally, put the cosmetics and handbag on the top layer, and adjust the position slightly to close the box.