[Travel Bag Knowledge Encyclopedia] The material, type and size of the travel bag

- May 16, 2019-


A travel bag is a type of package that is prepared for travel or travel. When you are away from home to travel, or do things or touring, or to enjoy the sun and rain when you are in nature, you can pack everyday items or anything you want to bring around for easy carrying. Travel bags can be divided into backpacks, bags and tow bags.


PU leather material

PU leather belongs to artificial fabric, the price is lower, the waterproofness is better, but the abrasion resistance is poor. The box of this material, although it looks high-grade, is not strong enough and is usually not durable.

Oxford cloth material

Oxford cloth is similar to nylon. It is a kind of fabric material. This material is relatively strong and has good wear resistance. However, the Oxford cloth material is generally heavy and the style is easy to be old.

Cowhide material

Cowhide is an animal skin that is the most expensive, but at a lower price. Although the bag product of this material has high value, it is not waterproof, and has poor wear resistance and is easily broken.

What kinds of travel bags are there?


Hiking backpack


Hand luggage


Trolley bag


Travel backpack

Size of the travel bag:

Dimensions (inches)Specifications (cm)Can boarding capacity Capacity (spring and autumn) Travel days Use Use
20′′  51*34*24 can board4-6 sets3-7 days/person Short-term business trip/short trip
22′′55*35*24 need to check in 7-9 sets5-9 days/person Domestic travel, shopping
24′′ 61*42*26 To be checked10-12 sets3-7 days/3 peopleLong and short
25′′ 62*43*28 need to check in 13-15 sets 5-9 days/3 people Family outings


 72*50*30 To be checked16-20 sets 15 days or more Travel abroad / Study abroad / Long-term business trip

The above specifications are only for reference. Can the suitcase be brought on the plane? The important thing is to see the sum of the three sides. As long as the total size of the three sides is not over 115cm, you can take the plane. If you are overridden, you have to look at the environment. . From the above reference size, the suitcase that can carry the plane, the size is less than 22 inches!

Friends who want to travel by plane, it is best to choose their own trolley suitcase according to their own situation.