Tips for choosing an outdoor backpack

- Jun 12, 2019-


Outdoor mountaineering bags of well-known brands are generally made of high quality webbing. To say that this ordinary webbing and high-quality weaving have different differences, in terms of price, the good is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary materials. The webbing of a good mountaineering bag can carry a maximum of more than 200 kg of gravity. The difference in fabrics is also great. The key to choosing a mountaineering bag brand is that the fabric should be resistant to tearing and friction, because outdoor sports, friction and pulling are inevitable.

How to choose the best mountaineering bag that suits you best? The position where the shoulder strap is in contact with the body is required to be hard, leaking, and bearing the weight. The thickness of the shoulder strap and the shoulder bag can be self-regulating. The normal backpack is carrying a force ring or belt on both shoulder straps and pulling it by hand can reduce the pressure on the shoulder or back of the backpack.


I know that people are sweating a little during activities, especially in the case of high temperatures. Many people have the experience of sweating and backing on the back. Imagine that a legitimate backpack can handle a certain score better than normal.

Water bag

There is a water bag suitable for riding and hiking. It is placed outside the backpack and spreads to the mouth through a pipe. It can protect the user from drinking water at any time with the center. Many mountaineering or multi-purpose bags have The structure of the water bag of the device is marked on the backpack. There is no sign of the same brand of the backpack. Some of them are blue water drops, and some are the water handlebars of Wadang.

Fluorescent structure

Anyone who has had a driving experience knows that it is difficult to be detected if the light is lighter and the bus is turned on. Because many of the mountaineering bags are using fluorescence data in some locations, it is possible to ensure that the rear rider is simply detected by the driver who is dumping in front.

Waterproof structure

People are sour and bitter, and Tiancheng is out of the storm. Even if you are an incomparably meticulous person, you have seen the weather forecast before going out, but the weather forecast has a false positive. If there is a heavy rain, your backpack is not waterproof, and there are many delicate facilities such as cameras in your bag, it is a very miserable event. Because waterproof is also the goal of choosing a riding bag.