Tips and tricks for packing ski and snowboard bags

- Dec 09, 2020-

When you need to pack for the holidays, if you follow the following tips and tricks, there will be almost no problems with packing:

1. Unzip the bag completely.

2. If your ski or snowboard bag has a detachable shoulder strap, please loose one end. This makes packaging easier.

3. Be sure to untie all compression straps, whether they are located inside or outside.

4. Shake the bag out of the dust or debris.

5. Use Velcro ski straps to prevent skis from colliding with each other, causing debris or scratches.

6. If you are using a non-padded bag, you can wrap a towel on the equipment for protection.

7. Only package the equipment you can rent. Oversized luggage is easy to lose. We recommend that you take your ski boots with you in case you need them. The duffel bag is approved by TSA to be carried with you.

8. If possible, please adjust the length of the luggage. Most snowboard bags do not have this feature.

9. Put the equipment in the bag and tighten all compression straps to ensure the equipment is firm.

10. Be sure to keep your name tag or business card on or in the bag to prevent loss. Try not to include your home address.

11. Always weigh your gear bag to ensure it meets the airline's weight and size restrictions.