There are two accessories need be paid attention when you choose the laptop backpack

- Apr 29, 2019-

The Computer backpacks are used to protect and equip laptops,Because the laptop is fragile, it may break down if you are not careful.Therefore, when choosing a computer backpack, you should pay attention to quality problems, so as not to buy a bad quality backpack, and then break the computer.Today,let’s talk about two accessories need be paid attention when you choose the laptop backpack bag.

1. Handle

The handle is one of the places where the computer backpack is tested by gravity, often here is the most deadly details.There are two kinds of computer backpack handles, one is aluminum handle and the other is nylon handle.

Aluminum handles,check if aluminum alloy fades,Tap the surface with your hands to check if there is any empty sound,if yes,It shows that the aluminum alloy is not worn into the webbing, which is not enough to reinforce.Then there is the grip, which fits the human handle system if the handle is full;The third is to pull, pull one to three times, to test the ribbon in the handle and the top of the seam is tight, in order to use for a long time.

And look at the nylon handle.Nylon handles are used in traditional computer backpack styles. The higher density nylon is durable and quality guaranteed.In addition to its own quality, the nylon handle should choose a large one, and it is not easy to hurt when it is extracted.Looking at the tightness of the nylon handle and the top of the bag, it is more important to check whether the sewing has secondary reinforcement.

2. Zipper

The laptop bag is generally rigorous and stylish in terms of business, so the shoulder computer backpack basically uses the 5th zipper, which is delicate and should directly pull it up, and it is feasible if you pull it back and forth When you choose a zipper.Then comes the waterproofness of the zipper.Commonly used as a waterproof nylon zipper, because nylon itself does not absorb water, and the use of nylon materials developed, the main test method is the degree of compression. if you choose a plastic slider, check his firmness;If you choose a metal slider, check his metal density.and the silicone slider will check his toughness.The zipper is actually one of the design features of the backpack.Its design is based on the double-zipper design, which opens and closes the backpack on both sides, which is convenient to use and reduces the long-term damage of the slider and lengthens the service life of the zipper.