the type of population of bag

- Jul 22, 2019-

Infant child

After the child is half a year old, he can carry some materials that are skin-friendly and have a small weight. Most of the current children's bags are cute and can stimulate children's imagination. And there are anti-lost backpacks, usually a cute baby backpack plus a strap, so that parents can pull the baby to prevent the baby from losing.


The bags that teenagers often carry are mainly shoulder-shoulder bags and shoulder bags. Crossbody bags with sportswear are the love of many boys, but for adolescents with heavy academics, the weight of schoolbag textbooks is more beneficial to the health of the spine with a shoulder bag.


Middle-aged and older backpacks are more comfortable and more comfortable than fashion. Mom's bag is usually made of leather or canvas. The style is simple and generous, and it is very practical.

pregnant woman

The production list that needs to be prepared during pregnancy, as well as the baby products that need to be prepared after production, require that the capacity and load capacity of the Mummy bag is sufficient. Therefore, maternal hugs are generally large-capacity bags with a lot of internal compartments.


The bag is a must-have for women's fashion wear, and the fashion bag in the street is almost every female hand. Common handbags include handbags, wallets, shoulder bags, backpacks and more. Unlike men's bags, women's bags are mostly soft and cute.


The men's bag is also one of the male carry-on decorations. For most men, although not as colorful as a woman's handbag, but the bag is a collection of men's career and potential ambition: a stack of thick documents, materials, agreement, heralded them Future opportunities and wealth.