The quality of leather used in the briefcase bag

- Jul 23, 2020-

Buy a briefcase made of high-quality leather.

High-quality leather will improve with age-briefcases still look good after ten years of use. Over time, the leather will change color and form an attractive patina.

The top leather briefcase looks stylish and professional. The leather is durable, elastic, attractive, and has a typical smell and rough masculine flavor.

Full-grain leather makes the most durable briefcase.

High-grain leather is an economical and excellent alternative to full-grain leather.

For more water-permeable, thinner leather, please choose cracked grain leather. It will not continue to use higher quality versions.

The source of the leather used to make the briefcase usually determines the quality. The best quality leather comes from Italy, France, Britain and the United States.

Avoid buying briefcases made of fake leather. You will have the opportunity to fully prove the savings of a few hundred dollars before replacing the briefcase.