The History of the Tote Bag

- Nov 21, 2019-

The handbag was first born in the 17th century, but the word "handbag" means "to carry it" and it was not popular until the 1900s. Especially in the United States, handbags did not reach popular heights until 1944, when one of the major clothing companies released their signature boat bags. Interestingly, the original tote bag was designed to carry ice during the outing, and the bag itself was still in production, with little change in product design. The boat bag continues to be made of durable canvas material, which has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

Although the company made a huge contribution to the popularity of handbags, American housewives in the 1950s drove handbags into mainstream society. The tote bag was the main accessory after completing the errands and trivia, which led to the handbag becoming the fashion statement of the 1960s. This is when designers such as Bonnie Cashin use practical design and turn it into an elegant look. When the popular New York bookstore The Strand adopted and re-launched its classic Tote bag, the package also hit the intellectual world. At every fashion week, high-end tote bags are now common on runways around the world, and they have a higher level of luxury than classic and practical bags.

Today, these eco-friendly tote bags are available in a variety of colors and images. From subtle political expressions to popular cultural symbols, almost anything can be printed on these bags. Flexible materials can also be customized to suit your individual fashion sense and needs.