The essentials and precautions for backpack purchase

- Jun 28, 2019-

1) It is the most important equipment, follow your own personal partner along the way

2) Measure your own torso: You need to know your own torso to find a backpack that suits you. Use a cloth ruler from the seventh vertebrae (the most convex bone in the neck), along the spine to the lowest hip bone.

3) Make sure the belt is on the hip bone: the belt should be in the proper position, that is, the backpack is on the protruding position of the buttocks, not on the waist. And the backpack needs to be supported by the belt, so its comfort and fit design is very important, so that the user can carry the backpack comfortably without letting the backpack slide down (long-term or heavy weight).

4) Unhurried purchase: Backpack is the most important equipment, you must try when you buy. Once you have confirmed the above problem and narrowed the scope of purchase, put things in the backpack and walk around for about 20 minutes to make sure that everything is stuffed in and that it is comfortable to carry.

5) Be kind to yourself: As far as the ability is concerned, as long as it is suitable, buy the best backpack, the next step is to consider the durability and quality level.

6) Understand your own load: Decide what to bring? How many things to bring. Do you measure it again for one or two nights? Do you want to hike in winter? For summer or short-distance travel, you only need a small backpack, but snow travel requires more capacity, plus equipment for bundling. .

7) Consider your own journey: If you have a good road maintenance during the journey, you can use the outer frame backpack. If you need to climb the balance when the path is steep, you need to choose the inner frame, which is safer. .

8) Imagine the function of the backpack: When the path needs to climb, the backpack becomes its own bag.

9) Pay attention to personal style: The backpack is like the other half. The backpack can't change your bad habits. If you want to take it with you, you need to find a lot of bags outside.

10) Calculate the equipment: Calculate the equipment to be brought, buy a backpack that just fits those things, so that the backpack has extra space to install some "excess garbage."