The Essential Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

- Aug 28, 2020-

Your due date is approaching soon, which means your baby can now arrive on any day! You may feel excited and nervous about going to work. You can reduce the stress by planning ahead and preparing your luggage at least four weeks before the due date.

Don't know what to pack? We have created a list of essential newborn baby hospital medical bags to help you! We even compiled two lists for preparing the necessary supplies for mothers-labor insurance kits and recycling bags. Before introducing these contents, let us concentrate on preparing some necessities for your baby.

car seat

Blanket and sw

Dress home

Hat and socks

Play cloth

Nursing pillow

Leave extra space in the bag

We recommend that you leave a little extra space in your duffel bag (whether it is a baby bag, an artificial bag or a rehabilitation bag) so that you can pack all the items provided by the hospital. They may provide diapers, wipes and other supplementary items, and you can take them all home.