The cleaning and maintenance of Business bag

- Dec 09, 2019-

1. Generally speaking, most cleaning bags first use a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth suitable for various materials to remove dust and dirt.

2. If you use leather cleaner to wipe leather bags, the lens cleaning cloth for general glasses is cheap and easy to use. It won't scratch your beloved bag. Evenly applying it can restore the luster of the bag.

3. A gray and white pencil and ballpoint eraser at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for suede bags. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped with a white pencil eraser that is generally used to wipe pencils; serious dirt, It can be removed by rubbing one end of the gray eraser of the ballpoint pen. The reason is that the friction is strong, but it should be lighter to avoid damage to the bag.

4. To clean nylon bags and cloth bread, you can use a wet cloth without dripping lightly to press the surface of the bag. In addition to silk, silk and satin bags, you can try toothbrush and toothpaste for local cleaning.

5. Regardless of the bag of any material, keep it dry in a ventilated place after cleaning, but don't take it for the sun in order to get it fast, because the bag after scrubbing with water is the most vulnerable time, suddenly High temperature exposure can cause the bag to fade or the leather to become hard and brittle.

6. At present, various types of bags are often made of different composite materials, such as suede bags and leather bags. They should be handled separately when cleaning. In addition, if bags have rivets or metal buckles, You must also pay attention to using metal-cleaning detergents for careful maintenance. Don't let the metal parts rust and damage the overall beauty of the bag. a brand-name bag, usually comes with a dust bag, if you are not really using the bag, remember to pack some empty newspapers or old clothes out of the shape, put it in a dust bag and store it. Avoid folding and pressing, so as not to cause creases or cracks. Finally, remind the guys, if you really do n’t have time to DIY your bags, then leave them to the laundry that cleans the bags.