The Bag purchase guide

- Jun 10, 2019-

If there are no bags to install our daily needs, presumably most people can't survive. But if it is just because the bag has such a function and ignores its appearance, it is too dull, especially today's popular standards, so don't take the bag with basic functions as a matter of course. . Here are the top ten fashion recommendations for the bag.

1. Bright color bag is the most beautiful

Wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or a traditional dark suit, a bright orange, red or pink handbag will make you shine instantly.

2. Large capacity bag is the most convenient

If you stuff your dress in your pocket, it will give you a very messy feeling. The filling of a small tote bag, although convenient, can seriously affect its appearance. So if you have a lot of things to bring out, big bags and small handbags will be a good suggestion. You can hide your handbag in a large bag, which is convenient and neat.

3. Black and brown bags are the most versatile

There is no time, effort or capital to match your daily wear with a variety of different packages. A versatile black and brown bag will be your best! This combination will set the level of skin tone and color, and in some cases, it will be refreshing.

4. The best use of the dual-use bag

It can be hand-held and shoulder-slung, and the dual-use bag can be changed at any time according to your needs or clothing mix. The most suitable for young girls to go shopping practical.

5. Choice of style and size

 There are many styles of bags, but the turnip greens have their own love, so everyone must have their own style. Satchel, handbag, shoulder bag, dual-use crossbody bag, backpack, waist bag, chest bag, any one. Then, make a choice of the type of detail. For example, the length of the bag, whether the pattern is suitable for yourself, whether the hardware of the bag meets your own wishes, and so on. Then we choose the size of the bag. It is recommended that everyone pay attention to the fact that the size of the bag is very important. Many online friends are not paying attention to the size of the bag. After buying it, they are not satisfied with the size of the bag. Therefore, we must clearly see the specific size of the package that the seller has posted on the Internet. Some sellers are too simple to announce. In fact, it is still the width of the bag, the width of the bag, the bottom of the bag to the height of the upper edge of the bag (including the height). The height of the hand strap or long strap and the top of the bag (hand raised) and the thickness of the bag. In fact, only the actual measured data is the most accurate. Many sellers basically ignore this. Of course, many people don't care about this. Actually, according to the data provided, the approximate ratio is roughly the same as the size of the bag.