Teach you how to maintain your outdoor backpack

- Aug 12, 2019-

Maintenance when using the mountaineering bag:

Don't wait until you run out of it and think about the maintenance of the mountaineering bag. We should always keep in mind the maintenance of the mountaineering bag when using it. If you want to carry more heavy objects, then we must place the heavy objects on average, and do not place the heavy objects more concentrated. When walking, double-receiving should carry the shoulder strap of the backpack and the adjustment strap of the backpack to reduce the negative pressure of the shoulder to the shoulder strap. And to tighten the belt, so that the step also bears a certain pressure, this can be the average distribution of gravity in the various parts of the mountaineering bag, the local part of the mountaineering bag is subject to greater gravity. When you put your shoulders on your backpack, you can put your backpack in a higher position and let both shoulders enter the shoulder strap at the same time, which can increase the life of the shoulder strap.

Cleaning of mountaineering bags:

The dust and dirt that the mountaineering bag is stained on after use, we recommend using a soft brush to wash with water. If you wipe it directly with a damp cloth, experienced friends will find that the surface of the mountaineering bag after wiping It will leave traces of wiping, which will inevitably affect the overall beauty of the mountaineering bag. If the back pollution of the mountaineering bag is more serious, we can soak it in water for about 30 minutes. It is not good. You can add the right amount of mountaineering bag cleaning solution (if not, you can use shampoo instead of alkaline). Strong washing liquid, so as not to corrode the waterproof coating of the mountaineering bag. After washing, be sure to rinse the mountaineering bag with clean water, place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, remember not to place it directly under the sun, because strong ultraviolet rays will Harden the elastic fibers of the mountaineering bag.