Suggestions for customizing outdoor backpacks

- Jun 21, 2019-

The hot summer is a great time to travel far away, and it is a cool autumn, so how can I miss it? It is time to prepare an outdoor backpack! So I have put together some suggestions about custom shoulder bags.

Before choosing a manufacturer to customize outdoor backpacks, whether it is a buyer or a business, you must first determine the customized outdoor backpack, whether it is a long-distance travel or a short trip, what is the place to travel. Is it a mountaineering class, or a classical town, or a landscape?

If you are climbing, camping should be indispensable. Custom-made double-shouldered mountaineering bags are the most suitable and can be loaded with many outdoor essentials. If it is a classical town or a rural landscape, you only need to customize a smaller outdoor backpack, you can go in light. The style of the outdoor backpack is also very important: the inside of the soft backpack is not supported, it is light and small, and the capacity is small, so the soft backpack is not suitable for long-distance travel, suitable for travel to classical towns and landscapes; The inside of the backpack has a fixed inner frame structure, which can distribute the force evenly to the shoulders, waist and hips. Large in size and large in capacity, it is suitable for long-distance travel. For long-distance travel, the outer frame type is more suitable; the inner frame type backpack has a support system inside, which can balance the force, the whole carrying system can be adjusted, and it is more convenient and comfortable to use. If you go hiking, the inner frame backpack is Preferred.

Before the customization, pay attention to the detailed design and workmanship of the backpack. If you are outdoors, it is best to have a side pocket to fit your own water cup, whether the car line is secure, whether the zipper opening is strengthened, and whether the strap and the backpack link are strong. Wait.