Steps for using the backpack carrying system

- Jun 14, 2019-

1) Relax all carrying system tightening straps (including shoulders, waist, ribs and adjustment straps, etc.) and place the carrying system in the largest size.

2) Carry the backpack on your shoulders.

3) Place the backpack's belt in the most comfortable position and tighten the belt.

4) Adjust the red point on the shoulder and place the red point at the highest point on the shoulder.

5) Tighten the SA carrying system and pay attention to keeping the red point of the shoulder strap at the highest point of the shoulder. At this time, the carrying system will be in the best position on the back.

6) Adjust the shoulder center of gravity to tighten the belt and the waist center of gravity to tighten the belt.

7) Turn around and move the body, feel the comfort of the backpack, if you feel uncomfortable, repeat steps 3-6 to adjust.