Quality of outdoor backpack

- Jun 20, 2019-

The quality of the backpack should be examined from five aspects:

1. Material: Generally use Oxford cloth, nylon, polyester cloth from 300D to 600D, but the texture, wear resistance, color and coating will be different. The best is DuPont CORDURA fabric, which is strong, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. It outperforms other fibers. Recently, an ultra-light CORDRA has been introduced to minimize the weight of the bag. The material used for the bottom is stronger than the fabric, and usually 1000D nylon cloth is used more.

2, design: bag shape, carrying system, space allocation, small bag configuration, plug-in design, back heat dissipation, rain cover, etc. Good backpacks have outstanding advantages in design.

3, accessories: zippers, fasteners, closing rope, nylon belt are very particular about. The most popular good zipper is the Japanese YKK zipper, which is also divided into native and domestic. The best zipper is from northern Europe. There are many quality grades of fasteners, Duraflex is the best, and UTX-DURAFLEX is produced in Hong Kong. Among them, there are steel parts and nylon parts. The steel parts have better hand feeling, high hardness and louder sound. Nylon parts have better toughness and greater flexibility. Compressed ribbons have a large difference, and the appearance can be seen at a glance. Nowadays, Hong Kong Shengji Ribbon is used more closely, firm and firm.

4. Process: The level of processing technology is determined by the skill of the workers and the equipment, multi-function double needle machine, knotting machine, one-time compression molding machine, pressure glue machine and so on. Programming and quality supervision also play an important role. Visiting some backpack processing factories will have a perceptual understanding of the whole process.

5, the final inspection of the brand: the brand not only means higher prices, but also means quality assurance and after-sales service.

In terms of carrying the system, each backpack manufacturer has its own uniqueness, and it is also the essence of the backpack. Different brands have different shoulders, and even the same brand has different shoulders. Need to look at the specific model of each package.

When purchasing a backpack, it is best to try it yourself and adjust the adjustment points on the backpack to suit your body shape. Usually large backpacks have a five-point adjustable shoulder strap, shoulder strap, belt, chest strap and back strap system. If you feel that some parts are uncomfortable after adjusting each part, you can be sure that this backpack is not suitable for you, and you can choose other styles.