Outdoor travel, how to organize backpacks

- Jul 15, 2019-

1. The bottom of the backpack is used to store the sleeping bag called the sleeping bag compartment. In order to facilitate the pick and place, there is usually a zipper at the bottom of the bag. It is recommended to put a large plastic bag in the summer before installing the sleeping bag, so that you can wet your sleeping bag, or you can take away the garbage generated by the large garbage belt when you finish camping. The moisture barrier should be placed on the bottom of the outside of the backpack, pay attention to waterproof!

2, the second layer should be loaded with your spare clothes, socks, toiletries and so on. Be sure to fold the clothes together to save space. If you are traveling long distances, it is recommended to put them in a plastic bag and put them in a backpack to prevent rain and dust.

3, the third layer to install your food, set of pots, cutlery, kettles and so on. It is worth noting that the packaging of the food must be removed. The bottled food should preferably be packed in a plastic bag. There is no need to bring heavy garbage to the mountain.

4. Basically, after you have finished loading your backpack, there is not much space left, and the temporary warm clothes are placed on the top. You will be very hot on the way to the mountain, but when you reach the top of the mountain, the wind will be relatively large, so that you can wear warm clothes in time. At this point you can tighten the rope at the backpack!

5, head package: head package at the top, do not look at the head package is small, pay attention to a lot! There are basically things to be loaded, such as headlights, toilet paper, rain cover, raincoats, cameras and other fragile items. The top of the head bag is attached to the tent, and the whole backpack is in a state of heavy weight!

6, on both sides of the package: usually loaded with some common things, batteries, gloves, high-calorie snacks, water, film, etc.

7, the trekking pole should be hung on the side of the backpack, the handle part down, so as not to puncture your bag. The hail should be hung in front of the bag. Generally, the outdoor equipment kits have places where hail is hung.

8, ice caught to hang outside the bag, holding a hail. The tip of the ice should be pointed out to avoid smashing the contents of the bag and bag.

9. Wallets and documents should be carried in a waterproof bag. So as not to lose!