Outdoor travel backpack purchase knowledge

- Jul 17, 2019-

Backpack recommendation: Fashion backpack is more suitable for women's street play, the style can be diverse, of course, the simple and versatile shoulder bag is the most error-free style.

Shopping points: canvas material backpacks are diverse, easy to play green youth college style, Japanese and Korean style, especially suitable for students to choose PU fabric or leather backpack for fashion ladies, relatively small, but also more versatile.

Short-distance travel

For those who like short-distance travel or frequent short-distance business trips, there are not many clothes to change. You don't need a trolley case. A backpack with a large capacity is enough. What kind of backpack is better for short trips? ?

Backpack recommendation: You can choose a computer backpack for short-distance business trips, and it is convenient to carry a computer: For short trips within 3 days, you can choose a backpack with about 30L.

Shopping points: Short-distance travel backpacks mostly focus on the comfort of the shoulder strap, the breathability of the back and the appearance, the size is moderate, and the choice of computer backpack must pay attention to the internal structure of the laptop bag, the function pocket is more and orderly The best anti-shock cotton inside, can protect the laptop to the greatest extent.

For those who like long-distance travel, it is generally necessary to carry several sets of changing clothes. It is better to choose a large-sized trolley case. Of course, a large-capacity travel bag can also be considered, especially in summer, it does not occupy space.

Backpack recommendation: generally more than 3 days. Travel is best to travel backpacks of more than 50L, the style is simple and versatile, the functional partition should be more reasonable.

Optional points: If the destination is very hot, use a breathable net when choosing a backpack: If the destination is too south, buy a backpack made of rain-proof silk fabric: due to the large capacity, the backpack has a strong load-bearing capacity. Some bandwidth, it is more comfortable to increase the contact area with the shoulder.