[Outdoor knowledge] give your backpack a water bag(Part 2)

- Jun 03, 2019-

Straw compatibility:

The suction pipes of most water bags on the market are connected to the water bag by simple quick-opening devices, and it is even more gratifying that these devices are compatible with the straws of other brands of water bags. Buying such a product means not only that you can easily clean the tubing, but also to easily replace the straws and nozzles.

Whether to consider winter use:

If you plan to use a water bag in the winter, you will have to face the problem that the suction pipe may freeze. There are three ways to use it.

Is to blow the water in the suction pipe back into the water bag with the mouth after each time drinking water;

Is to buy a water bag with a thermal insulation sleeve or a separately sold insulation jacket;

It is a device that can automatically withdraw the water in the straw into the water bag.

Water bag evaluation standard:

All water bags are very easy to fill in both manual and deep water flows, but there may be no such ideal conditions in the field. The advantage of the chain-opening water bag in the face of small water flow and depth is highlighted, because the top open design makes it easy to take water under such conditions. The knob-opening water bag is not suitable for such water intake conditions, but it has the advantage of being easier to open and close and fully filling.