New semester,when buying schoolbags Parents should be careful

- Aug 22, 2019-

There are still 11 days to start the new semester in the fall of 2019. Many parents have begun to find suitable new schoolbags for their children. The time for the bags to be in contact with the children is longer. For the children’s health, parents are buying bags. It is not necessary to care about it, so as not to choose an unqualified schoolbag to endanger the health of children.

1,the bag style double shoulder bag is better

There are a lot of choices for the style of the bag, but among them, the shoulder bag is the best, the shoulder bag has a large capacity, and the force is even, which can protect the children's backpack health. The shoulder bag has a small capacity and is not suitable. If you use a shoulder for a long time, it will easily cause high and low shoulders, while the trolley bag will make the spine's force uneven. It is easy to sprain your wrist for a long time. Moreover, the child's age is relatively small, the body is relatively thin, long-term dragging heavy objects, will make the whole body tilt forward, in severe cases will lead to hunchback, spine bending.

2.Be wary of the smell of the bag

The new bag has a big smell. Parents should be wary of excessive formaldehyde. Although the smell of the new bag is not necessarily caused by excessive formaldehyde, it should also be taken seriously. Formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating and easily soluble organic substance. The bags made of fabrics often have unpleasant irritating odors. If you smell them for a long time, you may have symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo. Faced with a schoolbag that emits irritating odors, it is harmful to children's health. Therefore, parents are choosing. When buying a school bag, pay more attention to it. It is best not to buy a school bag with a big smell or a pungent smell.