Mummy bag shopping tips

- Aug 02, 2019-

1, according to the occasion of the outing

Mom bags come in all shapes and sizes, but trips and locations are the first things to look for.If you take public transportation for most of your daily trips, you will spend a lot of time with your mom's bag, which is light and easy to handle.But if you also carry a cart or shopping bag, a backpack that frees up mom's hands for other chores might be on the CARDS.

Don't forget to also consider the baby's age and how often he needs to be held.The more carefully thought out beforehand, the more effective it will be for you to choose the right bag.

2. Refer to the number of articles carried and the storage space

Mummy bags can be divided into handbags, shoulder backs and backpacks according to the styles. The following is an explanation of the relevant characteristics, so that you can have a preliminary understanding of the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Handbag: suitable for infants from birth to one year old

Handbag: suitable for infants from birth to one year old

The advantage of a large handbag is that it has plenty of space, so you don't have to worry about carrying a lot of things before your baby turns one.

Just go out to taking the baby alone, or often need to hold the mother of the baby for a long time, use handbag relatively relatively inconvenient, if worry cannot give both hands empty, the choice is accompanied with the design that the strap can dual-use, can adjust as the situation apply.

(2) backpack: used for the need to often hold the baby period

Backpack: used when you need to hold your baby often

As for the attraction of the backpack for mothers, it is super convenient to open and close, plus it can judge the location of the items in urgent need, which is quite convenient for mothers who often need to hold their babies.Just remember to consider the weight of the bag hanging on one shoulder when choosing, it is suggested to use light and soft materials and the design of decompression shoulder strap, which can effectively reduce the burden on the shoulder.

(3) after the backpack: let hands more spare, dad also love to use!

After the backpack: let the hands more surplus, dad also love to use!

Speaking of backpacks, may be the most popular mummy bag for dad?There are many neutral but not too fancy styles to choose from, which can greatly increase the willingness of fathers to use, but also have the advantages of allowing parents to spare both hands to take care of shopping, pay, catch the baby in the middle of learning or start running around.

It is a pity that every time I need to carry something, I have to take down my backpack and carry it back. In addition, the design of this kind of bag is mostly rectangular, so it will be difficult to find things to put in the lower half of my backpack.

Durable, lightweight material

Durable, lightweight material

After all, service bags are usually used for two or three years, and whether they are serviceable or not is definitely a factor that many mothers care about, such as whether the bottom is strong or not.Is the negative degree strong?Is the back (shoulder) strap joint secure?A bag that can't stand the test will soon be out of the market.

Hot water, wet paper towels, warm clothes and other items are heavy and heavy for newborn babies. The bag itself cannot add to the burden on mothers, so the lightweight nylon and waterproof cloth materials are sure to be welcomed by parents.

4, high functional waterproof function or layered bag

Highly functional waterproof or layered storage bag

Mummy bag any small details, when the design is for the baby for parents to carry out items and access can be more convenient, quickly and can classify properly placed all kinds of small content of layered content bag quantity is enough, or even the rain spilled water glass or bottle, also don't have to worry about to wet the baby other supplies the waterproof function, the functional are in priority to be considered when mummy bag of choose and buy.

Just think, when the baby spilled milk, wet urine and other emergencies, clothes replacement and wet tissue can be found in a second, presumably is the key for many mothers.

5. Become a fashion accessory after you retire!

After a successful retirement into fashion accessories!

Finally, when purchasing a mummy bag, the importance of material, practicality and function is not a problem, but the design sense that conforms to users' preferences is also worth caring about!Durable still can give attention to two or morepopular and beautiful reach integral collocation, let mom go out beautifully not only, happy go home, as if to become more relaxed and freehand even child-rearing life.

Nowadays elegant beautiful mammy bag is more and more, although do not install after nursery supplies still can be used when daily bag money, cherish already thing to be able to add the accessory that wears build in the future again, take it for granted exceed get mom favour!