Mummy bag purchase points

- Aug 21, 2019-

1, according to the occasion of the outing

Choose according to the occasion of going out


The style of the Mummy bag is dazzling, but the trip and location are the first consideration for the selection of bags. If you go out on the public transport for more than half of the week, the time for carrying the Mummy bag is longer, and the bag that is light and good is more suitable than the demand; but if you carry a cart or a shopping bag at the same time, you can let your mother free his hands to handle other things. The back pack of trivia may be selected.


Also, don't forget to consider the age of your baby and the frequency of your baby! The more detailed considerations you have in advance, the more you can do more with less.


2. Refer to the number of items carried and the storage space


Mummy bag style can be mainly divided into handbags, shoulders and back packs. The following describes the relevant features, so that you can get a preliminary understanding of the differences and advantages and disadvantages.


(1) handbag: suitable for babies from birth to age

Handbag: suitable for babies from birth to age


The advantage of the large handbag is that the storage space is wide and sufficient. Even if the baby needs to carry a considerable amount of supplies before the age of full, there is no need to worry about it. If the cart is carried at the same time, the Mummy bag can be hung on the cart. Reduce the burden on the handle.


It is only for mothers who bring their baby out alone or who often need to hold their baby for a long time. It is relatively inconvenient to use the handbag. If you are worried that you can't vacate your hands, choose a style that can be used with a strap. You can adjust the situation as you go.


(2)shoulder bag: used in the period when you need to hold your baby often

Shoulder bag: used when you need to hold your baby often


As for the shoulder bag to attract the mothers, it is super convenient to open and close, plus the position of the items that can be taken seriously at a glance, it is quite convenient for the mother who often needs to hold the baby. Just remember to consider the weight of the bag hanging on one shoulder when selecting. It is recommended to use light soft material and decompression shoulder strap design, which can effectively reduce the burden on the shoulder.


(3)After the backpack: Let your hands have more than enough, Dad loves to use!

After the backpack: let your hands have more than enough, Dad loves to use!


Speaking of the backpack, may be the most unrequited Mommy bag for Dad? There are many neutral and not fancy styles to choose from, which can greatly increase the willingness of Dad to use, and also have the advantage of letting parents free their hands to take care of shopping, paying, catching toddlers or starting to run around. .


It's a pity that every time you need to take something, you have to take your backpack and back it up. Plus, the design of this kind of bag is mostly rectangular. It is not easy to find the items in the lower half of the bag. This is also an element that must be considered when purchasing a back style Mummy bag.


3, durable, lightweight material

Durable, lightweight material


After all, the Mummy bag in service usually has to be used for two or three years. Is it a factor that many mothers care about whether it is good or not? For example, is the bottom layer strong or not? Is the weight more strong? The back (shoulder) belt joint is not secure? Mummy bags that can't be tested will soon be eliminated by the market.


Moreover, the newborn's out-of-town items such as hot water, wet paper towels, warm clothing, etc. are both numerous and heavy, and the bag itself can no longer increase the burden on the mother, so the lightweight nylon and tarpaulin materials are inevitably welcomed by parents.


4, high performance waterproof function or layered storage bag

Highly functional waterproof or layered pocket


Any small details of the Mummy bag are designed to allow parents to carry their baby out and get more quickly and easily, so they can sort out the number of tiered storage bags of various small items, or When the rain even knocks over the cup or bottle, you don't have to worry about the waterproof function of the baby's other items. These functions are preferred when purchasing the Mummy bag.


Imagine that when the baby is overflowing with milk, urine and other such emergency situations, whether the replacement of clothes and wet wipes can be found in one second is surely the key to many mothers' care.