Maintenance and cleaning of outdoor sports backpacks

- May 29, 2019-

Use and maintenance of the backpack

There are also tricks on the shoulders. Put the backpack at a certain height and shoulders into the shoulder strap. It is a convenient way to lean forward and stand up on your legs.

If you can put it in a place where there is no height, lift the backpack with both hands. Put it on one knee (facing the strap). Then control the bag with one hand, and the shoulder strap of the other hand swivels quickly, so that one arm enters the shoulder strap, so that the other arm enters easily.

When walking, tighten the belt of the backpack so that the ankle is subjected to the most gravity, and the shoulder strap should be relaxed, so that the top of the shoulder strap is at an angle of 45-60 degrees. It’s very easy to walk like this without looking at things.

If there are more heavy objects or all heavy objects, they can be placed on average. The chest strap should be fastened and tightened so that the backpacker does not have a feeling of falling. During the action, both hands pull the adjustment strap between the shoulder strap and the backpack.

The body leans forward slightly, so the gravity when walking is actually in the waist and ankle, and there is no pressure on the back. In the event of an emergency, the upper limbs can be flexible.

According to the correct operation of the upper and lower backpack program, if the structure of the backpack is not properly operated according to the program operation, the weight of the light backpack will be reduced, and the weight of the backpack will be damaged; the backpack will be loaned to others as much as possible: backpack support The more you back, the more you fit your back curve. If you borrow your backpack, it is very likely that you will have to re-adjust and adapt.