Is there a good or bad fiber umbrella for umbrellas?

- Jul 26, 2019-

Since the 1960s and 1970s, most of the umbrella skeletons have been made of iron and steel, and some of them are useful for aluminum umbrella skeletons. The characteristics of the steel bone are that it is easy to embroider. The aluminum bone is light but easily broken and not strong enough.

As the product continues to upgrade, more and more umbrella frames are now made of fiberglass. The rib of the glass fiber has the characteristics of no rust, high temperature, wind and rain resistance compared with the steel bone, and the umbrella frame is not easily broken. Durable.

The raw fiberglass yarn of the fiber ribs determines the quality of the ribs, and the glass fiber yarns have low-to-medium-grade quality.

There are three grades of fiber yarn: earth yarn, high alkali yarn and medium alkali yarn.

Earth yarn: The umbrella skeleton made with this material is low grade, and the rib fiber is easy to break. Many bad businesses cut corners by buying soil yarns to shoddy and shoddy, and they can't recognize them and make huge profits. When the umbrella is used, it will be found that the rib is easily broken and broken.

High-alkali yarn: The made ribs have good elasticity, good toughness, no cracking, and can pass non-toxic test and anti-pressure test. Umbrella frames for high-end umbrellas are usually produced from this high-alkali yarn.

Medium-alkali yarn: The characteristics will be softer and suitable for short umbrella accessories.

According to the size of the umbrella, the thickness of the fiber used is also different: the conventional thickness of the fiber bone is 6.0MM 5.0MM, 4.5MM, 4.2M, 4.0MM, 3.5MM, 3.2MM, 3.0MM, 2.8MM, 2.5MM, 2.0MM, etc. Etc. The crude cost is generally higher than the fine one. This is why the same fiber ribs are also high and low. The cost of the coarser fiber bone will be higher, the material used will be more, the ribs will be heavier, and it will be stronger. When customers buy fiber umbrellas, they should also pay attention to the thickness of the lower fiber bones. And quality, the fiber surface is usually a little brighter.

Iridescent Umbrella uses high alkali yarn to produce fiber ribs. The fiber bone for golf umbrella is 5.0MM/4.0MM fiber. 100% passed the Japanese quality test requirements, and it meets international standards in terms of firmness, wind resistance and toughness. .

Fiber bone can be made into white, black, red and other colors. Can meet the different needs of guests.