How to wax your bag?

- Sep 15, 2020-

The handbag can be waxed at home to make it waterproof. Before starting, some precautions should be taken to ensure smooth and high quality waxing work. Clean the bag and make sure there are no loose ropes and any debris. If the material can be machine washed, it is best done by cleaning or vacuuming the surface. After this step, the material must be completely dried. Before starting the waxing process, set up a work area in a well-ventilated area (such as a yard or garage). This will help dilute the strong smell of the wax.

Next, gather the necessary materials. Whether it is a mixture of paraffin, beeswax or organic wax, a piece of wax is needed. In addition, you will need two pots, a glass of water, a paintbrush and a hair dryer.

Step 1: Conduct field tests to ensure that the wax is compatible with the material of the canvas tote bag. Choose an inconspicuous area on the inside of the bag to wax. Keep in mind that the material may look darker than before processing.

Step 2: Now that you have confirmed that the wax works, use two pots to create a double pot. When you fill a pot with water and boil it, you mean a double pot. Then, place the second pot in the first pot with wax in it. Wait for the wax to melt while stirring occasionally with a wooden stick. After the wax has completely melted, let it cool for a few minutes, because boiling wax will damage the canvas.

Step 3: Take up the brush and spread the warm wax evenly on the surface of the canvas bag. Make sure that each stroke completely covers the fabric. Please be extra careful when covering seams, gaps, folds, and any decorations or around zippers. Also, please note that the color of the canvas may become slightly darker.

Step 4: After wrapping the bag with wax, apply a coating on the fabric with your fingers. Push the wax into the material to fully bond and protect the material.

Step 5: Heat the wax again with a hair dryer. By melting the wax a second time on the canvas, the wax can penetrate deeper into the material, thereby forming an impenetrable adhesive force. If you feel that the initial wax coating is not sufficient for your purposes, it is time to add another coating. Pay special attention to the bottom of the bag. Use a hair dryer to reheat the wax. In this step, you can also consider waterproofing the bag from the inside. This is especially important if you plan to carry liquid in the bag, which can spill and cause a catastrophic leak. Except for turning the bag inward, the process is exactly the same. Keep in mind that waterproofing the inside and outside of the bag will make it harder but stronger.

Step 6: Now is the time to let go of the bag completely. This can be done by hanging the bag in a dry, well-ventilated place for one to two days. In this way, the smell of wax will also be emitted. However, if you can't wait that long, you can also put the bag in an old pillowcase and throw it into the dryer for about 15 to 30 minutes.

It is important to remember that wax coating will not last forever. Usually, it must be re-applied once a year. With proper maintenance, the coating will last longer. Remember not to wash the bag with hot water. It is best to use a soft brush with natural bristles to clean the bag or even wash your hands with cold water.