How to the custom process of OEM backpack?

- Jun 13, 2019-

The first step: find a professional bag manufacturer, and initially communicate with the factory's business personnel, telling your needs in detail, such as style requirements, custom quantity, budget range, practical use, etc. If there is a sample, it is best to provide the bag to the manufacturer.

The second step: listen to the advice given by the bag manufacturer, you can also let it recommend some styles, because the production process and cost professional manufacturers still know very well, of course, if the recommended style can directly achieve satisfaction, you don’t have to work hard to create it out of thin air. 


The third step: let the backpack manufacturers arrange the proofing according to the requirements, which will generate the proofing fee, as long as the two parties negotiate a satisfactory price.

The Step four: If you are satisfied with the sample, you can place the order according to the established schedule. Of course, dissatisfaction is a small tragedy. Manufacturers need to rework the backpack samples. As a demanding company, it will take a while to see the next revised sample.