How to test the quality of USB Backpack? There are three points.

- Mar 18, 2019-

USB Backpack is used for protection and equipment. Because the equipment in USB Backpack is relatively fragile, it may be broken after accidental care. Therefore, when choosing USB Backpack, you should pay attention to the quality problem, so as not to arrive. I bought a backpack of poor quality and broke the computer. The handle is one of the places where USB Backpack is tested by gravity, often the most deadly detail here. There are two kinds of USB Backpack handles, one is aluminum handle and the other is nylon handle.

How to test the quality of USB Backpack? There are three points. The aluminum handle should look at whether the aluminum alloy does not fade, and knock the surface with your hand to see if there is any sound in the air. If it is, it means that the aluminum alloy does not wear the ribbon, which is not enough for reinforcement. The next step is to look at the USB Backpack, and the handle that is held can fit the human handle system if the palm is full. The third is to pull the USB Backpack, pull one or three times, test the ribbon in the handle and the top of the seam is tight, in order to use for a long time. Look at the USB Backpack's nylon handle. The nylon handle is a traditional USB Backpack style. The higher the density of the nylon is durable and the quality is guaranteed. In addition to its own quality, the nylon handle should be chosen to be large, and it is not easy to be injured when it is extracted. Looking at the tightness of the nylon handle and the top of the USB Backpack, it is more important to check whether the seam has secondary reinforcement.